At Beyond Measure Design Inc. we create home designs for affluent families that share your distinct life story, values and reflect your greater purpose in the world. You are meant to live a life beyond measure.

What We do

Beyond Measure Design Inc. is here to be a partner in this sometimes confusing, time-consuming process.

We start with our Initial Design Consultation process where we completed a full lifestyle assessment and start to ask questions – lots of questions. Let’s get into uncovering those large life goals you have, shall we? How can your home help you achieve these? Well, we can’t give that away just yet.

From here, we start into a custom Design Development just for you. No cookie-cutter approach here. One of the main principles is we follow is context. A room inside a home, a home inside a lot, a lot inside a neighbourhood,  and a neighbourhood inside the community.  We take it all in, the whole picture.

Rest assured the fun doesn’t stop there. After the design is complete & approved we start bringing it full circle with creating the Construction Drawings. Collaboration is key at this stage. All your research into solar panels and ROI on double-wall construction will now come in handy. This is where the full details come together, my friend.

Once Final Construction Drawings are issued you are set and ready to roll. At this point in the project, my hope is you can not only see exactly where you are but you can clearly see where you want to be.


Our Recent Projects


Krista is a writer, leader, and mentor in the residential design industry. For more information please contact info@beyondmeasuredesign.ca.



Vision Board Workshop collaboration with Happy Body Health Co January 2020

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Saskatoon HOME magazine Spring – Community Gardens 

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Elected President of Business and Professional Women of Saskatoon

Do Epic Sh*t Workshop January 2018

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Q&A blog with Metrie.com June 2016

Luminosity Master of Ceremony


CTV Morning News – SRHBA House Calls – November 2015 


2014 Saskatoon and Region Home Builders Associations Finalist for Best new Home Design for our personal home

Spring 2014 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Domestic Architecture:The Bungalow 

Summer 2014 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Lessons in Home Building 

Fall 2014 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Home is where the heart is 


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Spring 2012 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Creating a Home Design Brief 

Summer 2012 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Residential Design Process 

Winter 2012 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Understanding our needs 


2011 Saskatoon and Region Home Builders Association New Member of the Year

Winter 2011 FineHomes Saskatoon – Expert Advice – Residential Design 

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    Own the spotlight

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    A few weeks ago I received word that not one but two of my recent collaborations with long-term Professional Home Builder clients had been named finalists for the Canadian Home Builders Association Housing Excellence Awards. To put this in perspective – there were only three Professional Builder nominees from ALL of Saskatchewan.   Yeah, that’s a BIG deal. […]

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    When Women gather

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    Can I share my reflections from this past Thursday evening and the magic that happens when four friends gather? It’s been since early February that the four of us have been together. Our last outing was one filled with joyful celebration, poignant aha moments and those deep, rich conversations that fill you to the brim […]

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    To the Moms who are also operating a business…

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    I know the last 5 months have not been a breeze and have had a good dose of up and down. ⠀ I know the weight you are carrying is intense and constant. ⠀ I know you are making decisions every day about the health of your family and/or(most times and) the health of your […]

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    If you could have the home of your dreams…

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    On a recent Instagram post, I posed this question… “If you could have the home of your dreams, what would you absolutely need to include?”  Wow, did you respond. And guess what? It wasn’t exactly what I thought the answers would be. Here is a breakdown of the top 3 answers areas and why I think they are […]

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    I’m getting exactly what I want but it looks nothing like how I imagined

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    My current situation is not unlike yours.  I’m working at home, juggling the needs of myself, family & business with school work for my Grade 5’er. I’m stressed about what my future is. I’m continually cleaning something. I’m eating all the carbs in sight. I’m drinking more coffee than water on most days. I’m doing […]

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    👩🏼‍💻 Creating a relaxing environment in 5 easy steps

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    Our homes have just been kicked into dual duty. Not only are they a place of rest, sanctuary and peace, but they are also now expected to operate as productive, professional business settings. Anyone else sense a potential problem here? It’s no surprise that the spaces we live and work in have a huge impact […]

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    It’s time to get comfortable with being f*ing uncomfortable

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    I, like many, have been sorting through the noise. Putting pen to paper is my number one way of making sense of my feelings.  The duality of my feelings has been astounding. I feel both angry and hopeful. Sad and joyful. The intensity has been shocking, and it’s got me reaching into my toolkit (built […]

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    📚5 mistakes to avoid when you start working from home

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    The world has quickly changed its take on working from a home-based office. For me, it has been a way of life for the past 12 years. You may have never dreamed you’d be working from home. It’s new and it’s strange but don’t stress, I’m going to spill on the top 5 mistakes I’ve […]

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    Designing differently

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    With the popularity of tiny homes and a greater focus on minimalism and the accompanying lifestyle, estate homes seem to be getting the cold shoulder. Why is that? In my opinion, society has started to equate a specific number of square feet as an acceptable “normal” size for a home with total disregard for the […]

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    Designing a Life : Part 1

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    I started designing homes in 1999. A fresh graduate from Saskpolytech with a head bursting with information, a drive to work hard and a heart that wanted nothing more than to help others. It was a rocky road to start to say the least. I jumped into the chaos of navigating a male-dominated construction field […]

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