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Published articles and the lessons I learned

A close friend has been suggesting (or rather insisting) that I put up the links to the writing I completing for Saskatoon Home in 2018. You see, I can be very humble at times and don’t like to draw attention to myself. She quickly, and lovingly reminded me that I should celebrate this accomplishment so I made a promise I would post the links. I keep my promises.

The three links below will take you to the articles I wrote in each quarterly edition.


Saskatoon Home Fall 2018 Article – A Home Reborn

Saskatoon Home Summer 2018 Article – Thoughtful Mind and Garden

Saskatoon Home Spring 2018 Article – Redefining Minimalism


Looking back, I’d say there were some lessons learned in this past year.

1. Ask for what you want more of. In my case, I wanted to write for a magazine and in 2017 I finally mustered up the courage to ask Saskatoon Home if they would take a shot on a relatively unknown writer. Since then, I’ve discovered that I am very skilled at connecting with people and bringing life to their stories. A skill I’m incredibly proud of.

2. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way. We’ve all had those moments where we don’t put something into the world for fear of how it may be received. I can say this last year has helped me work through this hurdle. Am I the best writer ever? No, I still struggle with grammar at times. Do I need to be? Hell No. I simply need to keep working on this creative expression and improve my abilities as a writer, something this opportunity has given me in spades.

I want to say “Thank You” to Amanda Soulodre & Karin Melberg Schwier for their incredible support and guidance this past year. I am looking forward to what content we can create for the magazine in the new year!



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