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Own the spotlight

A few weeks ago I received word that not one but two of my recent collaborations with long-term Professional Home Builder clients had been named finalists for the Canadian Home Builders Association Housing Excellence Awards. To put this in perspective – there were only three Professional Builder nominees from ALL of Saskatchewan.


Yeah, that’s a BIG deal.


So why then, has it taken me so long to OWN IT??


My initial reaction to hearing the news was to celebrate my client’s achievement. After all, they are the ones who gathered a team of dedicated professionals together to build the project.


It was only recently (and thanks to a good ol kick in the pants by one of my business champions) that I realized that I was not fully owning my own part in these projects. I made an announcement about it, yes, but beyond that, I hadn’t taken any other steps to draw that spotlight onto the part I played in these projects.


Taking up space in the spotlight is not something that comes easily. For women in business, even harder. What I’m here to say is that it is possible AND it will get easier the more you practise stepping up.


Here’s how I’m stepping up.


My first step was to change my email signature to include a highlighted section that outlines what award and who I had collaborated with. If you know me, you will understand that long-term builder relationships are a key part of the BMD brand. Secondly, I sat down and wrote this post which will soon be posted to my website and Facebook page. Thirdly, I will reach out to my business champions to share this message with the hopes that they too will celebrate this achievement.


Here are the finalists!


Best Detached Custom Home Under 2000 Sq. Ft. – Finalist Cheerfully Midcentury  by Bella Vista Developments 

Top 5  elements I love about this home:

-consistency of midcentury theme from exterior to interior

-vertical staircase railing which allows light from the stairwell window into the main level

-sightlines through the home make the spaces feel larger

-galley style kitchen for easy entertaining and connectivity to Living Room

-entryway showcasing that closets are often overrated



Best Detached Custom Home 3001-4000 Sq. Ft. – Finalist Curated California Casual by Maison Design + Build

Top 5  elements I love about this home:

-high visual connectivity to exterior spaces from interior spaces

-use of archways to transition from room to room

-central kitchen placement as the heart of the home

-mudroom space connecting from yard to rear yard

-exterior massing that suits the neighbourhood scale


Both of these projects are custom designs as well as infill designs – new construction taking place within existing neighbourhood infrastructure.


Infill design has become one of our specialties (and side note – I also live in an infill design we created for our family in 2014 – Click HERE). They require a thoughtful approach to create functional, liveable designs while also maintaining all the requirements of the city bylaws. Sometimes, it can be quite the process to navigate but these two projects have shown just how well they can be executed.


If you are looking to learn more about these projects I encourage you to explore the links above. Since both projects are custom homes, I will not be sharing any of the floor plans in respect of the family’s privacy.


Beyond Measure Design Inc. collaborates with professional home builders and renovators who want to create custom home designs that wow clients. 


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