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To the Moms who are also operating a business…

I know the last 5 months have not been a breeze and have had a good dose of up and down. ⠀

I know the weight you are carrying is intense and constant. ⠀

I know you are making decisions every day about the health of your family and/or(most times and) the health of your business. ⠀

I know you are tired. Hella tired. ⠀

I know that there is no semblance of normal to be seen or getting back to it. ⠀

How do I know this? Because I’m right there with you. ⠀⠀

I want to share what I have learnt not despite this, but because of it. ⠀

I am getting to know my daughter and the women she is choosing to become. ⠀

It’s ok to not have everything planned out or for backup plans to fail. I can let go of trying to control it all. ⠀

I am capable of asking for and receiving help from those I trust most. ⠀

I am resilient and stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. ⠀

If you can look at the past 5 months what is one positive you can find? Just one small moment of gratitude? Comment👇🏼

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