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As I am writing this I am feeling a bit of an emotional hangover.

Last Tuesday night I was asked to step out of my comfort zone & be the master of ceremonies for Luminosity-an event celebrating women’s leadership created by none other than Jami Young.

My first fleeting thought when Jami called me the week before was “Eeek, I can’t do that! What will people think of me?” which I quickly shifted into “If Jami is asking me to do this, I KNOW this is going to be an influential step for me in leadership”.

I have to say, it was. 

I am still struggling to find the best description possible for the emotions I am, even now, finding myself processing. The best way I can come up with is this…I felt like I was present. The words, the message and the emotions were flowing. I was completely honest, and for me, open to what both the evening could be for myself as well as the impact this could potentially have on other women who were in the room. 

Listening to the shared wisdom of these women; who have fast become my tribe; was heartwarming powerful & purposeful. They each brought their own fierceness to the stage that couldn’t be denied. We talked about self care, taming the inner critic and understanding that we need to own our shit & love it. It light a fire in me.

This is what I want to feel.

This is how change will happen.

This is who I want to be.


So what’s next?

2017 is right around the corner and for Beyond Measure Design, it is the start of fresh ideas. Trust me, no other residential architecture firm is going to be doing anything like this. 

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