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Inhabit in retrospect

It’s now been a couple of month since I stepped up(with a few nerves and jitters) & held my first design workshop, Inhabit.

Inhabit was the culmination of wanting to share the story about the journey our family undertook while designing our home in Saskatoon but the deeper desire was to start a conversation about how we relate to our homes. How we relate & live in a space determines our perspective on daily life and without a place to retreat, release, renew & reflect it’s really hard to function at your utmost potential.

Looking back, at any point in life really, gives you clarity and perspective. 3 questions came to mind…What challenges was I faced with? What would you change for future workshops? How did this experience provide personal growth? 

If I had to give you an answer to these questions the day of the workshop I would have likely not been able to give it my full consideration, I would have been emotionally depleted. It would have been incredibly fresh and that is often not the best time to be making decisions. Over the past couple of months I’ve reached out to those who have taken the workshop to gain feedback, so here is where I’m at now.

What challenges was I faced with?

The first…I had a room full of various personalities. Learning to read people, in group settings, and find how best to relate to them personally always takes time and perspective. It also takes an open heart and mind to let people show up fully as they are and create an atmosphere where you feel accepted.

The second…content and timing. The comments that came back was that the content was so rich they could have used some extra time to absorb and discuss the exercises in depth. There is great value in the discussion and this was valuable insight to receive from my participants.

What would I change for future workshops?

These of course come in response to the challenges I was faced with. The first is I would offer it to a broader range of people, perhaps in a learn at home format that would allow for people to fully absorb those exercises. If I was to hold the class in person I would extend the length of time to work through the workbook.

How did this experience provide personal growth?

For me, it was about starting a conversation about how we want to live in general and I’d have to say, it filled my soul to talk with people who were truly willing to receive this message.

It gave me hope.

Hope that the more I share my perspective on relating to our homes the more lasting change will happen in this industry.

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