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Discovering my superpower

As you can see, I’ve been a little lax in the blog department. I could tell you the myriad of excuses – trust me, there were many.  It has taken me time to discover the real reason why…ready?

I’ve been scared.

Scared to share my perspective, my thoughts, and my voice. Hesitant to really embody my strength as well as roles I know I’m meant to be in. It’s hard work to dig deep, start to unpack what is really stopping me in my tracks and to process it all. Massive fear – of judgment and criticism that could head my way if I speak up but also, fear that I will succeed in taking up space that is rightfully mine.

Sound familiar? 

What has really solidified in the last few weeks (thanks to some incredibly brilliant women in my life) is that I have a unique gift, superpower if you will, that allows me to help others. I naturally care for other people around me, I instinctively want to help.  I have an innate strength that allows me to easily carry the weight of others burden so that they can have a lightness to be able to focus and see a new perspective.

Well, shit…how did I not see that! 

It resonates. To the point where I’ve never quite had anything feel this aligned, this right. When I took a good look it’s what I do naturally in my life, how I help clients and how I show up as a leader.


Superpowers can become your greatest weakness if they are overplayed. 


Knowing this is how I show up in the world I also need to utilize discernment and create strong personal boundaries so that I am NOT carrying the weight I didn’t intend to. One’s superpower does not come without its own set of challenges. As a brilliant friend pointed out, don’t become a sherpa. Yeah, that is rock solid advice if I do say so myslef!

So how does this pertain to my work as a designer and why the hell should you care? 

Well, by having this level of self-awareness I know exactly how I can best serve you, the design professional.  Want to learn how? Read on my new friend.

  •  I have the skills to navigate you through the emotions that come with a new design project. Let’s say, you’ve just landed a large custom home design project but don’t have the capacity in the office to handle the new workload that will come with this opportunity. For the design professional, large-scale custom projects can come with intense clients expectations and timeline anxiety. Don’t panic, I’m here to help!
  • Collaboration is at the core of who I am. In other words, I play well with others. Through conversations and effective communication, I can bring your vision to life with ease. My process has been in constant evolution over my 10 years of business, I’ve got you covered.
  • I naturally bridge the gap between the technical world and the functional design worlds. I’m fluent in both design languages and have been doing it for almost 20 years in the industry. Let me help merge the two worlds so that you can focus on delivering on your own zone of genius.

For some, this may seem boastful but as I said above, it’s time to own what superpowers I have and put them to use. Do you need someone like me on your team? I can almost bet you do.


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