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Defining Leadership

How do you define business leadership?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately… mostly because I am working through future planning for my business. One of the questions I’ve asked myself often is “Do you have what it takes to lead others?” The inner critic, of course, has an opinion. In reality it is fear talking and I’m realizing that if I’m not at least a little bit scared I’m not far enough out on that ledge just yet. I realize now, after 8 years in business for myself, that there is a huge potential in me to push the envelope further.

I’ve always defined a leader as someone who was in a position of authority (a boss, a president of an organization, CEO of a large company). I also now know there is a huge gap between being in a position of authority and being an effective leader. It just seems so natural to think that someone who is overseeing your work or running an organization should be a leader. Unfortunately, this is not always the truth of the matter. Some of us can attest to how these people have fallen short of our expectations.

This was my major aha moment…what if being a leader had nothing to do with a title or position but it had everything to do with seeing value in those who surround you? What if you realized, as a leader, that the number one priority was to take care of those people in your charge? Before yourself, above all else. How would that affect them? How would that change their outlook?

Humans are social beings & we are influenced greatly by the places we live and work. If you are in a work environment where you feel your making positive contributions(and your asked your opinion), your work is valued(and your told so regularly) & all your needs are being met(financially & intellectually) how do you think you’d react?  You are going to have feelings of safety(someone has my back), trust(they value my opinion), co-operation(I’m a part of this) or even love for who you work for. THAT is what I want my company to be! THAT is where everyone deserves to work!

As business owners we are responsible for creating the work environment where everyone is working towards a common vision for the company. We need to be transparent about our vision, collaborative on how that can be done and engaged with those who are a part of our team. Business’s don’t succeed or fail on their own, it has everything to do with who is directing the ship and how much trust the crew has in their captain.





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