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Design Perspective

I started this post by initially thinking about just sharing the Home Design Blogs I love but then I started thinking…there is a greater definition to “design” that warrants some exploration.

When I use the word “design” it can be used in two very different definitions. The most common is certainly the first…a plan or a drawings to show how a building, garment or other object should be made. Straight forward right? Yeah, I thought so.

The second definition though is a bit more thought provoking…an intention that exists behind an action or fact. As in, she designed the life she wanted to live. Bingo! This combines my love of deep thinking with my world of aesthetics, proportions and beauty so perfectly.

I stepped back and looked at the design sites that I follow and come back to most often for inspiration and it was this second definition that seemed to fit most appropriately for each one. Every piece that has drawn me in over the past few years has been because it has resonated on a deeper level, it’s been about the lifestlye that has been created with design as a tool.

Here are my 3 fav’s…

Nate Berkus has been an all time favourite. He showed up on Oprah’s show a number of years back but it has been the last year that I have really loved his work. It’s the connection of people to their homes that he is a huge advocate for. His firm helps people find those items that resonate with the individual homeowner and aren’t just bought purely because they are trendy. I find his rooms to be timeless and best of all, they tell a story.

It’s been about a year since I was introduced to the work of Sarah Jenks. She is a women who designs her life and is 100% real about the journey, all the messy stuff we typically don’t speak of, she does! I love this site for that specific reason. She comes from a family who know how to pull a space together and create connection, her mother is a very talented lady and Sarah takes after her quite a lot. Her work in the world centers around helping women have fun, connect with their desires, create a great relationship with food and have an amazing life now, not at a certain weight but now. We need more of this in the world!

 Ahhh, last but not least. This site makes me so happy!! Society has a sometimes narrow, constant focus placed on living in fancy homes and having the next must have gadget, Mavis the Airstream comes along with this new declaration of freedom to live small. Jason & Sheena walk you through the process that was undertaken to convert this vintage 1975 Airstream trailer. The decor is beautiful, the blog insightful and honestly I dream of a day when I can fully embrace this minimalist lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed these sites, I know I have!

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