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👩🏼‍💻 Creating a relaxing environment in 5 easy steps

Our homes have just been kicked into dual duty. Not only are they a place of rest, sanctuary and peace, but they are also now expected to operate as productive, professional business settings.

Anyone else sense a potential problem here?

It’s no surprise that the spaces we live and work in have a huge impact on how we feel. When we designed our house in 2013 we did so with this work/life combination in mind. It influenced where my office was placed in the home and how it relates to the remainder of the house. For some, it’s not as simple as starting from scratch. For you, it’s making the best out of being thrown into the deep endless first without warning!

To help you out, I’m going to share five things to help create a relaxing environment amid the current chaos of life.

Here goes…

👉🏻1. You’re looking for that place to set down the laptop and be productive. You’ve got your headphones on and you can’t hear the kids sneak in behind you. You’ve all seen the video right, the ones where Dad is trying to do a video interview and the kid strolls in behind. Sound familiar?? Here’s my first tip-Move furniture so you are facing the doorway or at least, so you can see someone approach. We humans feel most comfortable with our backs to the wall or ideally, in the corner. It gives us safety – something we all crave right now and it keeps the kids from making guest appearances.

👉🏻2. You are ready to sit down and get shit done but your workspace (aka dining room table) has everything from the kid’s new school lessons plans to the mile-long grocery list that needs to be ordered to your very long list of deadlines for work. Your ping-ponging between thoughts and are getting nothing done. Want to know why? Visual clutter gives our mind mental clutter. Find a spot, or better yet a Rubbermaid bin, that everything can be pilled into and once a week files it into the appropriate spots. Get the kids involved in this one. It’s saved me countless hours giving my type-A daughter the task of sorting at the end of the week.

👉🏻3. I can’t stress this one enough…get yourself as much light as possible. If you are thinking, “I’m in the basement with one tiny window” I’ve got ya. Get yourself a salt lamp and a sunlamp. Right now we need our vitamin D and 20 minutes with that thing has been life-changing to my emotional state. The salt lamp neutralizes negative ions and whether you believe it or not, it is soothing and calming to be in a space with one.

👉🏻4. Now, our sense of smell plays just an important role in a relaxing environment as sight does. I have a few favourite scents and I look for ways to incorporate those into my space. Full confession…I love the candles from Magnolia and while some have stocked up on TP I’ve stocked up on my fav Magnolia candle – Love. I bet almost everyone has a diffuser in a closet somewhere that they thought they’d use but maybe don’t. If you don’t like candles go dig out that puppy and start diffusing some oil in your home. There is something incredibly soothing sitting in a space and watching the vapour from a diffuser waft into the air. My favourite at the moment is Young Living Stress Away and Joy blends.

👉🏻5. Here is my last tip…surround yourself with items you love. Right now you need a few items that spark joy. I love to have a soft blanket to wrap up in along with also adorning my workspace with my favourite coffee mug. My daughter’s art is showcased on my walls as well as favourite quotes plastered all around my laptop. Each of these little pieces brings a smile to my face every day.

If none of these ideas helped you at all then I invite you to reach out and I’ll chat with you about your specific scenario. A lot of times all it takes is an outside perspective, a couple of small tweaks and you are on your way. I’m here to guide you. 💕

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